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Posted: June 11, 2014 in Comment
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It doesn’t really seem to matter what the species, it could fly in the air, run in our fields, climbs the trees in our woodland or swim in the seas and rivers, somewhere there will be someone calling for a cull of some sort to protect their interests. Last week Natural England finally grew a pair and denied the request to kill Buzzards to protect game shooting interests. The very fact that this estate and the keepers on it had the front to request an application to cull says everything about them; arrogant and completely lacking in any ecological understanding. Pheasants represent the largest biomass of birds in the country, with 40 million or so birds released every year only to be blasted from the sky by a select, privileged few or to meet another grizzly end under the wheels of cars or starvation as they have little idea on how to survive without the help of man. Those shot rarely even make it to the dining table, we simply cannot consume that many so most will end up in a stink pit dug in an out of the way area of a shooting estate. The impact of the Buzzard is minimal to say the least, around 3% according to statistics but I suspect they already know this and just want to wipe out any natural predators from the estate. I’ll leave this subject with a link to the excellent blog from Mark Avery who can explain the issue in a far more eloquent manner than myself. Please sign the petition included on his site. (Click here)

Now I’m hearing that there is call for a cull of seals in the West Country. The fishermen say they’re having an impact on their livelihood. Well, quite frankly tough shit. Seals eat fish, everyone knows that and you can’t expect to put it on a plate and then for them to not adapt. Perhaps if we hadn’t raped the seas quite so badly there’d be more fish to go round and the seals wouldn’t need to find their food in this manner.

The arguments always seem to be the same regardless of species, the population is out of control . . . we can’t survive economically if we don’t cull . . . they’re the cause of disease . . . other species are suffering due to them. It is of course all complete nonsense and propaganda devised to get Joe Public on side and while it pains me to see how little many people seem to care there is enough of us to know the truth and seek to get these facts into the public domain and take direct action should it be required.

Dead Seal, illegally killed

Dead Seal, illegally killed

The shooting of seals buy the Scottish Wild Salmon Company was expertly brought to an end by fine work from both the Hunt Saboteurs and Sea Shepherd recently and any attempt at a repeat performance in other parts of the UK will be faced with similar operations. If we as a species cannot adapt our lifestyles in order to fit in with the larger environmental picture then we don’t deserve to exist at all. Economic interests should NEVER take precedence over the natural world. We’re far too quick to reach for the gun when other non-lethal means may be at our disposal.

In other news I can but keep both my finger and toes crossed in the hope David Cameron finally sees some sort of sense and gets rid of Owen Paterson as Environment Secretary in the forthcoming cabinet reshuffle. He’s been a complete disaster from day one and with the election coming up and the Tories desperate to regain some of their recent loses Cameron should be looking to make the party as electable as possible. Of course his replacement could well be equally incompetent, arrogant or pig headed, it is after all the Tories we’re talking about.

My final comment isn’t environmental at all. I just wanted to pay my respects to someone who made me howl with laughter throughout my teens as a student and into later life through a whole host of characters brought to life in manner only he could. Rik Mayall you will be missed. It’s only right Ade Edmondson gets the final word.

“There were times when Rik and I were writing together when we almost died laughing.”

“They were some of the most carefree stupid days I ever had, and I feel privileged to have shared them with him.”

“And now he’s died for real. Without me. Selfish bastard.”



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