The Fight Goes On

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Response
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Today’s announcement by the Secretary of State for the Environment regarding the future policy on the control of Bovine TB was eagerly awaited by the members of the house and wildlife groups throughout the country. However it was fairly early on in his speech that the tone and standard script of contextually misleading data carefully interwoven with downright lies and twisted propaganda was clearly not going to contain the outcome anyone with a sense of right and wrong or compassion for our native wildlife were hoping for. In spite of the overwhelming scientific evidence, the democratic will of the house and the now released damming report from the IEP the Government were once again kowtowing to their masters in the NFU and forging ahead with repeated culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire. The only good news being further roll-outs across the country had been postponed while the cull companies perfect their killing methodology.

Shadow Environment Secretary Maria Eagle ripped into Paterson;

“There is no strategy here, this is an unscientific fudge for you to try and save face.”

“How can you possibly justify continuing a method of killing, free shooting, which has been found to be inhumane by the independent scientific advisors?”

“You ignore scientific evidence, make a decision based on your own prejudice and then offer retrospectively to tell me and others what the policy is and expect us to agree with you.”

“These culls should be ended not extended, they have not worked. What you have announced now is an open season on badgers in the culling areas.”

We can only hope a legal challenge by the Badger Trust via Judicial Review puts a stop to any future culling however a reliable source has indicated there may be another stumbling block. The NFU seem to want to have their cake and eat it. They’re very keen to keep killing our wildlife but are very reluctant to pick up the tab and in light of the IEP report cage trapping could to be the only method allowed. These factors could prove significant. The population at large will not stand for more of their tax pounds being wasted on such a bloodthirsty folly and cages are relatively easy to find, quite expensive (£180 per trap) and easily neutralized by activists. I’ll be publishing details on how to achieve that outcome in due course.

However in the mean time we have to assume the worst and once again prepare for action. Friends of wildlife and Badgers are unifying. If the NFU and pro cull farmers think the situation was bad for them previously then I say to them “you aint seen nothing yet!” We are now more organised, better prepared and our numbers increasing all the time. We’ll make you pay a cost so high for every Badger killed it’ll make the £4000 from last time seem like small change.

Now is the time to stand up and be counted. Apathy is no excuse. Distance is no excuse. Get out there and make a difference or come June our countryside will be running with blood and it’ll be on your hands. Join the Badger Army.

Once more unto the breech dear friends.

Accidental Activist 

Sign the petition to remove Owen Paterson from office.

Three Counties Hunt Sabs GoFundMe link.

Gloucstershire Badger Office

GABS facebook page

Somerset Against the Badger Cull facebook page

The IEP report



  1. Aileen Hill says:

    I will be there fighting!

  2. Anna says:

    I’m gonna do my best to get out there. My kids are young, but quite up for it.

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