Sunshine, Stooges and Chips

Posted: March 16, 2014 in Environmental
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Well I didn’t get arrested again, if fact all contact with the boys (and girls) in blue from the Hampshire force was fairly cordial and for once they acted on our complaints and did the right thing.

More of that later.

So I was back out with the Berkshire Hunt Sabs to help out on a hit of the Hampshire Hunt. We had a good number of sabs in the field and with radios, long range video capability and the gizmo at the ready we scoured the countryside for our targets and it wasn’t long before we found some dubious looking horse boxes heading to the meet. Once the location was confirmed we put sabs on every possible exit and had eyes on the meet at all times. Of course by now we’d been noticed by the flat cap brigade and it wasn’t long before a masked up terrier boy arrived on his quad and gave us the usual monosyllabic insults along with some information gathering of his own. I sometimes wonder why they even bother to try and engage verbally with us. These people are clearly of fairly limited intelligence and anything they say only serves to make them look even dafter than they already are.

Before long we heard the typical sounds of the hunt preparing to move off and once their direction was known we decided to skirt ahead via vehicle and get in front of them so we’d be in place to intervene should the hounds get on the scent of a fox. On the way we spotted the lovely animal in the video, in prime condition and seemingly relaxed. With the hunt fairly close by the best course of action was to cover his scent with citronella which I duly did after a quick sprint (and some puffing) up the hill which was somewhat bigger than it looked from the road. The fox, looking back occasionally trotted off and was safe.

We had however lost sight of the hunt. Other sab units got a brief visual before they disappeared into a private wood. We relocated and found a suitable infiltration point. Maps told us it was a footpath despite the no public access sign but whatever the right of way we value the lives of animals more than that of a stroppy land owner. It was at this point that the Three Stooges turned up. Another group of knuckle draggers with only a single brain cell between them. I wondered which one had it today. Normally these articulate and pleasant chaps tend to offer their opinions quite readily even if you don’t ask for it but for some reason today they seemed a little quiet, perhaps it was largely to do with our numbers and stature of some of the sabs present. Our little excursion however proved in vain as we were called back to relocate to another point.

Our sab wagon found the main field and they were largely quite pleasant, smiling for the cameras and thanking our excellent driver for the suitable behaviour around the horses. Shame the main field also contained several children. I’m pretty sure indoctrinating children into a mind-set of illegality and animal cruelty would be considered abuse of some sort, still who am I to judge? We were introduced to the field by a large and pompous woman (I felt sorry for her horse even though it was a fine beast) who seemed to have a plum stuck in her throat as “The Antis”. I’ve always preferred the title “The Morally, Ethically and Legally Right” however it’s a bit of a crap name as it doesn’t roll off the tongue too well and some hunt personnel might get upset by its connotations. It must suck being in the wrong.

Laugh it up boys, the jokes on you

Laugh it up boys, the jokes on you

The day was drawing on and apart from various species of wildlife (a Hare and several Deer) generally fleeing the area there was little action. The odd police car was patrolling the area but leaving us alone in the main. We’d heard no horns or hounds, redcoats hadn’t been seen all day and certainly no active hunting. The riders were coming from all sorts of directions or just having a beer in the local pub. It dawned on us that shortly after leaving the meet they’d just gone for a happy canter and the most likely outcome was the hounds had had a short run and then packed away for the day. With sabs covering everywhere it seemed they’d given up the chance of hunting and just gone for a nice ride in the countryside. They could do that any time they like, enjoy the company of likeminded people and the sunshine with no animal being killed. Lovely stuff.

We headed back to the meet to make sure they all left. The nice Hampshire police (6 cars) came and had a nice chat with us and everything was peachy. However the three stooges had been playing silly buggers with one of our vehicles on the way back, driving dangerously and in an intimidating manner. Funny how they got tough when the situation suited them. However when they joined the meet the police were ready with a suitable dressing down after the video was shown to the officers present. Never mind guys, I know you have to try and appear to be the big butch boys you are but you’re fooling no-one, perhaps try giving the brain cell to someone who can use it.

Confident that the job was done for the day we retired to the pub for a well-earned beer and chips.

Elsewhere in the country my good friends the Three Counties Hunt Sabs showed some great sabbing skills on the Ross Harriers and their charming Huntsman Lee Peters. Check out the great footage in the video. If you can chuck them a few bob, sabbing can get expensive and all of this comes out of our own pockets.

While we’re clicking on links please sign this petition to stop the weakening of the Hunting Act.

Click here.

  1. Lisa Lamb says:

    You’re doing a fantastic job! I’ve sent a donation towards fuel expenses. Out of interest as you mentioned children being present – does the hunt still smear blood from the dead fox onto the faces of the children when they witness their first kill?

    • Well considering it’s illegal to hunt a fox with dogs I guess admitting to killing one would be a bit daft. However many riders in the main field never actually see a kill which begs the question, why do it in the first place?

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