A Proper Thrashing

Posted: March 14, 2014 in Comment
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After all the excitement last week and my brush with our lovely impartial police force a more sedate blog update today as I consider the backbench discussion and vote in the Commons regarding the badger cull. Tabled by the Conservative representative from St Albans, Mrs Anne Main it was significant for several reasons. Firstly the fact that Anne had previously voted in favour of the cull but has since, and in light of the scientific evidence plus the results of the leaked IEP report come down squarely on the side of those pressing to abandon the Governments wildlife eradication policy. More and more Conservatives are now finding it increasingly difficult to vote in line with their party’s policy when the evidence and scientific data available is so comprehensively stacked up against them. It should be clear to anyone with the most modicum of common sense that culling is simply not the way to go in the control of bTB.

Furthermore it highlights the lies and propaganda no doubt driven by the NFU that the Minister, Owen Paterson and his minion in crime George Eustace are spouting. We hear nothing new from them in their justification. Every single so called fact they produce has been debunked so thoroughly they really have nowhere else left to hide. The Republic of Ireland was always a favourite example to be called upon when claiming the wildlife reservoir has to be addressed and yet both Wales and Northern Ireland both have better results last year in reactors and culled cattle without any kind of culling of badgers, Wales spectacularly so with a 33% reduction. Let’s not forget that that direct link in the transmission of bTB between badgers and cattle has yet to be conclusively proved. M Bovis can survive in slurry treated soil for up to two years given the right conditions so it’s clear this is a farming issue and not a wildlife issue and yet no environmental factors seem to have been taken into consideration.

As the Governments arguments fall like a house of cards in a bad draught we’re left wondering what will happen next. The full IEP report is (we’re told) on Owen Paterson’s desk. He would have done better by reading it yesterday and showing his face in the commons rather than visit a chocolate factory but then again like most bullies he’s a coward and done pretty much all he can to avoid facing the fallout created by his masters in the NFU and left George Useless to face the music. And what fine music it was, a concerto of truth with only a minor whimpering of the all too familiar sounds from the pro lobby. The final vote of course was a forgone conclusion: 219 -1 in favour of abandoning the cull. Whether the Government actually take any notice of this of course is another matter. Paterson is unbelievably arrogant and is likely to ignore the result and will no doubt spew forth some more nonsense in order to try and balance the fact sheets but the damage has been done. If it was a car the insurance company would have written it off ages ago.

Should they, in spite of the mountain of data, scientific and public opinion, press on regardless then it will become patently clear that the control of bTB was never the real reason badgers were being targeted for destruction in this manner. We can all draw our own conclusions and I’ve made my opinion crystal clear in this blog before the vote today and others will no doubt start to think the same, as I’m sure they already are. For the genuine farmers, who have been sold a lemon . . . for our beloved wildlife that’s under enough pressure as it is and for anyone who believes in democracy I sincerely hope the Government finally see sense and ditch this poisonous and damaging policy. Owen Paterson has to go, he has been a total disaster from the outset and taken our environmental credentials as a nation back decades.

In other news I’ll be back out in the fields once more this weekend saving our wildlife with my good friends the Berkshire Hunt Sabs. I also have a new video camera so hopefully I’ll be able to post some video and in the future I’ll be looking at streaming live on a sabbing hit. Watch this space.

Finally thank you everyone who’s taken the time to read, comment or contact me so far, it makes me feel loved.


  1. Red Ruffian says:

    Further to your comment on the Irish situation – let’s not forget the Irish farmers have been slaughtering badgers (by shooting, snaring and any other means they see fit to use) to such effect that three counties have NO badgers left at all – and still, their levels of bovine TB are higher than in Northern Ireland where no culling has taken place.

    Yet Paterson preaches on and on about this example – he truly is the definitive politician: if his lips are moving, he’s lying. His “visit” to a chocolate factory (what a Wonka) yesterday was probably forced upon him, in order to keep him out of the House just in case he swept out like he did last time. He’s a spoilt child and a bully and shouldn’t be in charge of sharpening pencils, let alone entrusted with our environment.

  2. I quite agree and couldn’t have put it better myself.

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