It’s time for the Government to listen

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Environmental
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I spent the majority of today in the company of over 2000 people who came from all over this great country of ours to show their indignation at the disastrous wildlife eradication policy that is the Badger cull. Victoria Square in central Birmingham was the chosen location and it was heart-warming to see people from all walks of life coming together for a single cause.

Protestors march through the city centre

Protestors march through the city centre

This Government policy, led by the worst environment secretary for decades (Owen Paterson) has taken both political and environmental poison to appease the corporate interests of the National Farmers Union alongside that sinister organisation the Countryside Alliance, and are hiding behind a cloak of deceit and lies, misleading the general public that the justification was the control of bovine TB. The real reason, I believe was that the large landowners wanted unopposed jurisdiction over the countryside, they wanted to do what they dammed well pleased, have dominion over all they surveyed like the feudal land owners from centuries past. After the Hunting Act of 2004 became law they lost some of this power and saw the opportunity to get some back via the extermination of a protected species in order to free up land for other use and to satisfy their own sick bloodlust.

Pete Martin from GABS

Pete Martin from GABS

Unfortunately for them they didn’t take into account the Great British public. The anti-cull movement became the largest animal rights movement in Europe virtually overnight. Today was just one of many demonstrations that have taken place throughout the country. There were fine words from Dominic Dyer (Care for the Wild), Pete Martin (Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting), Drew Prattern (Wildlife Activist) plus many more along and with live performers and stalls . . . it was certainly a spectacle I was very happy to be part of and great to catch up with friends I’d made in the cold and muddy fields of Gloucestershire. Hats off to the organisers and all those involved. Hopefully a few more can be added to the list of those who are now more aware and willing to get involved.

Dominic Dyer addresses the crowd

Dominic Dyer addresses the crowd

I hope, as it now seems the Government will finally see some sense, remove Paterson, severe the ties of power to dictate policy from an unelected corporate entity and take control of the situation by abandoning the cull policy. Our wildlife is precious and should never suffer at the hands of those with an agenda of destruction and corporate greed.

It’s time to take note, the people have spoken.

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