Show your Support!

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Environmental
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This Saturday (22nd February) there will be a big rally and demonstration against Owen Paterson’s (or more accurately NFU’s) ludicrous wildlife eradication policy better know as the Badger Cull. This is likely to be the biggest turnout since the amazing scenes last June in London which was largely ignored by the mainstream media, most notably the BBC. It promises to be an excellent event with speakers including Dominic Dyer from Care for the Wild who is a fine orator and an expert in the subject at hand. I was interviewed by a BBC Wildlife Magazine journalist in Gloucestershire last autumn during the cull and they confirmed that Dominic has a huge amount of credibility within the media due to his background and knowledge from both sides of the fence. I’ve spoken to him personally as well and his passion is truly infectious.

So get over there if you can, wear black and white to show your support, make lots of noise and have a good time. Most importantly show that the Great British public are not prepared to sit idly by while corporate interests wipe out our natural heritage. I’ll see you there

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