They’re a very strange bunch

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Environmental
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I’m talking about Gamekeepers.

I’ve met a fair few in my travels and all have a certain level of eccentricity, be of a fairly atagonistic disposition and have largely the same opinion of wildlife, especially when it effects their precious game birds.

Poison it, trap it, shoot it or bludgeon it.

Shooting estates are black holes for raptors. The UK has enough habitat for over 400 pairs of Hen Harrier, these are majestic birds that provide an unparalleled spectacle in aerobatics as they sky dance with their mates to reinforce bonds and declare their territory. Unfortunately those territories are the same uplands that Grouse inhabit and gamekeepers will not tolerate a predator even though it is a protected species.

Sadly last year saw the end of the Hen Harrier in England as a breeding species and the last bird to fledge, a satellite tagged bird named Bowland Betty was found dead and after an autopsy proved to have been shot. Of course those arrogant tosspots the Cuntryside Alliance (intentional spelling) dispute the findings from University College London Institute of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Science but then again they would as they’re implicit in the systematic destruction of our raptor species.

Yesterday (13/02) another gamekeeper was been found guilty of setting an illegal pole trap (see here and see video evidence above). These barbaric devices snap shut and break the legs of anything landing on the pole and then die a painful and protracted death. The pathetic fine for the guilty party was quite frankly insulting. Until vicarious liability is implemented in English law with regards to gamekeepers and the estates they work for then this will continue. The shooting industry needs to be heavily regulated (I’d do away with it completely if I had my way however we need to be realistic) and estates found breaking wildlife laws via their gamekeepers should have their rights to hold shoots removed. Hitting them in the pocket is the only way.

For more indepth information visit Raptor Persecution Scotland.

Wildlife should never be forced to suffer for the benefit of any man made activity.

  1. Val Selway says:

    This film just shows what psychopathic heartless these people are!

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