A New Low

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Comment
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I always considered myself a fairly eloquent chap, able to put into words what I wanted to convey in a reasonably accurate fashion. However when this story broke a day or so ago I was consumed with so much rage the words I needed to describe my total contempt for the perpetrators alluded me. If you’re unaware of what I’m talking about click on the link at the bottom of the page.

I don’t even want to repeat on these pages the actions of these individuals. I was going to write persons instead of individuals however I don’t believe they qualify for that lofty a title. If you haven’t signed the petition then please do, and share it among your friends.

The cretinous worms in the picture, (Dia Bournes on the left) smiling and proud of their grotesque actions aren’t just the problem. These actions were ordered by Llandelio Hunt Master, Colin Evans. He’s a wealthy land owner and local councilor. Whilst we have people with these ideals in positions of power then we’re destined to cease to develop as a species. He should be removed forthwith and prosecuted to the maximum of the law but I suspect that won’t be a very harsh lesson if he’s prosecuted at all. The police and CPS don’t seem to regard wildlife crime as worthy of their time.

I’ve been told the wider media now has this story and it’s likely to break in the next day or so. Hopefully the backlash from such vile behaviour will be enough to get something done, but I’m not holding my breath considering even the Prime Minister, David Cameron is pro-hunt. Both Dai Bournes and the Llandelio Hunt’s Facebook pages have been taken down, no doubt due to the barrage of hate flowing their way.

I just hope karma pays a visit to those involved.

Llandelio Hunt Extreme Cruelty

Update: The police and RSPCA are now involved. It now hinges on the witness testimony who is understandably concerned for his own safety. The authorities are looking into ways of keeping his identity a secret. Lets hope he can have the courage to stand up for what is right and let the law do the rest.

  1. Lisa Lamb says:

    This story has really upset me and it’s been playing on my mind for days now. Thank goodness those poor creatures are at peace now. This is the despicable side of hunting that the public don’t get to see. Behind all the glorified cantering over the countryside on horseback are the scumbags who happily dig out families of foxes and revel in their destruction. How anyone can claim that hunting isn’t cruel is beyond me. These cretins need to be punished severely and this has got to stop happening. What is wrong with these “people”, they can’t be normal surely?

  2. Shirley says:

    That’s barbaric I hope they get prosecuted evil B*****ds, far too often these people get away with murder

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