As lawful as a round of golf?

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Response
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That was the headline on a comment piece published in the Horse and Hound and written by Richard Gurney.

Let’s have a look at what Dick has to say.

“A small minority is being allowed to antagonise hunts trying to hunt within this wretched law (The Hunting Act 2004)”.

So first up the law is wretched is it? That law was put in place with overwhelming support from the public who don’t want to see the cruelty hunting with dogs involves. Whilst it might not be the best piece of legislation written and certainly not the easiest to police it’s here and here to stay. Old Dick clearly wants to return to the old ways everyone else finds so abhorrent.

“Once again we find ourselves fighting, but this time not to stop hunting being banned but for the right to go out and hunt a trail”.

So tell me Dick, how do you explain all those hunts going out every week without a trail being laid? Or perhaps the person laying the trail following the hunt, surely that’s the wrong way round? Can you also tell me why these mythical trails cross main roads – isn’t that a bit dangerous? Why do they also go through people’s gardens, villages and farm buildings? Funny how these trails actually seem to have a fox at the front of them running for its life.

Also if you’re hunting a trail why would you need those thugs on quad bikes? You probably know them as “terrier men”. I’d like to see one of these trails going to ground in a Badger sett. How do you dig out a trail, do you need special spades? What does the terrier sent down the hole look for?

“The constant provocation suffered by the hunting fraternity may lead to an incident. It is surely only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt”

Well that sounds a bit like a threat to me. And the only provocation I’ve been witness to has always come from the hunting fraternity. There’s a clear link between cruelty to animals and violence towards ones fellow humans, the hunt sabs are only there to save foxes. They’re not hooligans having a day off from kicking the shit out each other on a day trip to the country. The video from my previous post speaks volumes. Don’t come crying like the wimp you are with dubious claims when someone spoils your nasty little idea of fun.

“We are never far from danger so it’s vital the Huntsman maintains control over his hounds at all time”.

That would include calling them off a fox or any other animal should they chase one I guess. If that’s the case why are animals both wild and domestic regularly killed by the hounds? Well either the huntsmen are pretty crappy at their job or they’re illegally hunting. Either way it’s not looking too good for your argument.

“As for filming children out riding, this is a totally different matter for discussion and is a subject that annoys parents and children alike”.

The video camera is a vital tool in gaining evidence and staying safe. I’d suggest to you that most responsible parents would frown on the promotion of an illegal and cruel activity and rightly so. The simple fact is that if you’re in a public place you have no right to privacy regardless of age. Sabs aren’t a bunch of paedophiles getting off on shakey video of children on horseback and you’re sounding somewhat desperate by implying as much. If the hunting fraternity has nothing to hide then there really should be an issue but clearly that’s not the case.

“These relentless attacks on hunts cannot be anything other than an invasion of privacy, of civil liberties and our right to go about our lawful business”.

You lose your right to civil liberties the moment you hunt a fox. It’s not lawful no matter how hard you try and dress it up or the pathetic excuses you hide behind. The day the hunts abide by the law and our wildlife becomes safe is the day the Hunt Saboteurs will stay at home in the warm and drink tea. Until that day they’ll always be there watching, recording and saving the animals you enjoy killing.

As lawful as a round of golf?

My arse.

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