So who really are the bad guys?

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Comment
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I get regular updates from the various groups out there trying to keep our wildlife alive and there’s a constant theme which I find very disturbing. Only today an individual was hospitalised by the violent activities of those associated with the Llangeinor Hunt. Reports show not only were they prepared for the sab group but also willing to use extreme violence in order to project their illegal and disgusting passtime. (Full report here:

Lets be very clear here, the remit of the sab groups around the country has always been direct action through non-violent means.


Now dressing up in black and covering your face may make you look a little like a terrorist and I’ll admit in some cases probably not the best course of action however it’s done for a reason. Dressing the same makes you difficult to pick out in a crowd and also hides you from the potential repercussions that the hunts and their support seem to like to dish out from time to time. The reality is all the sabs want to do is save an animal from an agonising death and stop those who take enjoyment from such cruelty.

If you’re reading this you’re probably aware of my own brush with these types and the threat I received recently via the contact page on this blog. There is a credible threat to your person out there.

So you’re probably thinking the bad buys are those low life thugs who dish out their idea of righteousness in the form metal bars and pick-axe handles against unarmed people trying to stop illegality. Well clearly these arseholes just love violence and they’re obviously thicker than a McDonalds milkshake but quite often it’s ingrained in their psyche and they probably know no better. To be honest I pity them for not being able to understand the error of their ways and make even the shortest leap to understanding what it takes to be a decent human being in 2014.

The real bad guys here are the Police.

Time and again they do nothing. When the hunts call them with some spurious justification they turn up en-masse and waste time and public money harrassing the sabs, even a helicopter was used fairly recently. When the sabs come under violent physical attack they either turn up and again harrass the sabs or don’t turn up at all. One day, (perish the thought) someone could get killed and the blood will be firmly on the Police hands for not dealing with the real issues and the thugs who think they can get away with anything they please.

Are they under instructions from further up the chain of command to do nothing? Is the local super a hunt supporter or even member? Whatever the reason this is gross misconduct and a total dereliction of duty. If any Police read this feel free to contact me with your opinion, I’ll guarantee your anonymity. Until then get your house in order because you’re a disgrace and far from the imparial force you’re supposed to be.

Violence from the Llangeinor Hunt

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