New year, a new project

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Environmental

There’s so much going on at the moment it’s difficult to know where to start but being British it has to be the weather. Yes, it’s winter and the weather is a bit shit. It’s been pissing down for days and blowing a hoolie. Half the west country is under water and the window of my new shed blew out. My new shed! The bloody thing broke as well. Only a bit off the corner but still it’s a bit annoying.

The Government (or more accurately that complete tosspot Owen Patterson) are getting a kicking in the media for not being prepared and they’re going to cut funding to Defra (or Deathra as I like to call them – more on that another time) which will only make matters worse and we’ll probably all soon disappear under the waves as climate change takes it toll. Although Owen Patterson thinks climate change is a good thing. Less old people will die of the cold he says, well that may be the case but they’d have probably all drowned first anyway. If that wasn’t bad enough he wants to cut down all our ancient woodland so his chums can build houses on the land. It’s OK cause he’ll offset that by planting loads of saplings somewhere else. Well that’s fine then, maybe we should shut down all the top universities and open loads of nursery schools instead.

Owen Patterson – He has a face you just want to punch

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